Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Testing Testing 1....2....3

Testing to see if I'm getting all the settings right.   Added adsense ads, (because I have to make money from this don't I?).   Feel free to share this up and coming blog!   Links are under each post.
PS--If you see any spelling or grammatical errors and of course bad links and such please comment to let me know. I type very fast (not as fast as I talk though) and forget letters and reverse letters.   💜 ~FFF

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Getting there!

I have finally gotten the domain forwarding fixed so now when you go to it will come here and not a blank page.  The last rep asked for my own IP address and when I accessed the blog while I was at home it would go to ... my own IP address!   At least that's fixed now.  Next is to transfer the blog from the wrongly (is that a word?) spelled email to the correctly spelled email.  I will do that tomorrow and then I can actually start publishing all my yummy inexpensive recipes and tips for being a Frugal Foodie!  💜